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Moving Day - July 20, 2019

I've lived in Jefferson nearly my entire life.  Having a business here was never part of that plan, but we have been blessed to purchase and own our business in Jefferson.  As a family, we have grown, and that means another change for us. Moving. M-O-V-I-N-G!  We got the house in town ready to sell, 'Marie Kondo'ed' the hell out of it (if you don't know what that is, google it...), and listed it on the market.  Within days we had an offer and now, a couple from out of town has moved to Jefferson (bringing their family and kids along too) and is living in our, now previous, home.

One of my favorite spaces at this house wasn't actually in the house; it was my backyard.  It was always filled with people, pets, kids, toys, and plants.  It was my plant haven.  We had perennials, annuals, and for a while, we even had a lily pond and water plants.  Is it weird to say I will miss that space?  Some of these plants were brought in from my husband's grandparents and my aunt and uncle's, so it is possible for a plant to be sentimental.

We are getting adjusted to our living situation, and my first goal is to recreate an outdoor space that is mine.  Full of plants, people, pets, and maybe a little privacy.  Photos of that another day...but for now, I will enjoy the memory of my outdoor plants and sacred space. - Bonnie

When we moved out of our home into a smaller, temporary living space, we decided our cat could come and have an adventure at the flower shop for a few months.

He's actually been my cat for the last fifteen years, so I was excited to have Dixon come to work with me.

He visits with customers, ventures into the flower cooler,  sneaks out the back door, and overall seems pretty content with being a flower shop kitty.

Come and see Dixon anytime...if you don't go and see him, he will probably come and find you!

We Have A Shop Cat - August 4, 2019

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